Welcome and thank you for your interest. This site provides information on the role of Deputy Chief Finance Officer for Bury Council.

In this position, you will support the newly appointed Joint Chief Finance Officer in managing and developing a first class, modern finance function for the Council. This is a rare opportunity to work, with a high degree of autonomy, across a wide portfolio of public services, including the NHS. This offers an excellent chance for an aspiring CFO – one in which you can positively impact on the health, prosperity and well-being of Bury and the people we serve. People and place are important to us.

You will work closely with Council Members, the Joint Chief Executive (Geoff Little) and Executive Officers; and you will actively engage with partners and stakeholders across the region and at a national level. You will need the ability to influence, maintain and develop these critical relationships which will allow us to develop and deliver excellent services both now and in the future.

You will need to be committed and willing to explore new and innovative ways of doing things and able to thrive in such an environment. Your role will be challenging, varied and exciting!

Bury is an opportunity to make a difference and one you should consider for your next career move. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Woodhead - Joint Chief Finance Officer

Mike Woodhead
Joint Chief Finance Officer